Abundance Pot Ceremony

potAbundance means having more than enough, enough to be generous. It is about quality of life and the freedom to live the way you want. If you can choose what you want in your life, what would you choose?

This ceremony is about making choices and putting it into action. In this ceremony you create an abundance pot. The pot symbolizes everything you wish for and acts like a magnet, drawing abundance towards you.

The form of the ceremony Daniel uses is based on ancient Tibetan, Native American and Celtic traditions. It is practical and spiritual; effective and fun.

You will be instructed on how to prepare and select what you need for the ceremony during the introductory evening. Daniel invites you to come and create abundance in your life!

To maximise the effect of the abundance pot consider doing the cutaway ceremony to remove anything that might be limiting you, and make space for a more prosperous and positive future in your life.

To prepare for this ceremony consider joining the Money Game workshop to help you amplify your prosperity.

Dates: 30th Aug, Wednesday, 7pm – 10.30pm & 3rd Sept, Sunday, 12noon – 7pm

Fee: SGD 450*

Reserve a place and get the full address.
Contact: Nat +65 9338 5167 or Michelle +65 96254 862
Email: pathways@daseti.com

*Take the Abundance Pot Ceremony and Money Game workshop for SGD 600. A discount of SGD 40.

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