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healingLet your higher self guide your inner healing. The Mind and the Body are interconnected. When you are stressed, your body will tense and manifest symptoms such as an increase in heart rate, perspiration and aches in parts of the body. If you are sick, the primary cause is usually associated with an emotion that the unconscious mind process. In this Hypnosis CD audio selection, I will be guiding you through a series of inner light healing for both your mind and body, releasing stress and enhancing self recovery.





Release the stress and have a peaceful sleep. Have you ever wondered how you could simply just settle down and rest after a hard day’s work? Guided Relaxation Hypnosis CD is a soothing process to assist in letting go of all the unnecessary worries of the day. Lie down and simply loosen all the tense muscles in the body. Releasing, relaxing and assuring a good night’s sleep.


US$20 Each or two for US$35

Nathanael Seers is a Clinical hypnotherapist and member of the BSCH, NGH and is also certified by the American Hypnosis Association as a Past Life Therapist. His area of work includes inner healing, past life & clinical hypnosis.

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