Daniel Darby

danielDaniel is a powerful shamanic practitioner, a warm hearted and charismatic teacher, and a gifted reader and healer.  He is part Cherokee, and his Native American name is Stone Sitting.  Daniel is also a hypnotherapist, a hands-on healer, relationship counselor and psychic reader and channel. BSc, C.Ht, CThA, MBIH

As a Shamanic practitioner he trained the traditional way through an 8 year apprenticeship, and he has also studied Tibetan Bon Po and Celtic traditions.

In healing work Daniel uses therapeutic counseling, hands-on healing and shamanic ceremony. Having had many life changing experiences himself, Daniel guides others through transformations to improve the quality of their life and deepen their spiritual connection. For readings Daniel uses a shamanic method of ‘throwing the bones’

Daniel has degrees in theology and computer science and mathematics and once owned his own computer business, so he is down to earth as well as spiritual!  He is a co-founder of Crystal-Winds Teachings, which is a certified training program for shamanic practitioners. He has 30+ years experience.

For more on Daniel & his work visit www.pathways4u.net


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