Daniel’s Consultations

Private Healing Consultations


Emotional, Mental & Physical Body Healing Ceremony

Daniel uses a combination of modalities including: shamanic healing, hands-on healing, energy healing, medicine wheel healing, and his psychic skills.

Benefits can include feeling:
• More emotionally balanced
• Calmer mind, reduced stress
• Energizes your body at all levels down to the cellar level
• Helps to strengthen & improve any physical weaknesses
• Healing of past hurts
• Feeling more creative & alive

Fee : SGD 420 (110 mins)

Shamanic healing

These are intensive, one on one healing sessions. People consult Daniel about many things including physical health problems, emotional problems and relationships. He uses a combination of counseling, sound healing, hands-on healing, web wisdom, psychic work & hypnotherapy as appropriate

Fee : SGD 230 (50-60 mins)

Shamanic Healing Spiritual Body Healing Ceremony & Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the process of recovering parts of yourself that you lost during times of trauma or pain.

Benefits include being:
• Increased connection with your higher self
• Clearer connection with spirit guides & the divine
• Increased life force or chi
• Greater sense of being complete or whole
• Feeling more positive
• Greater clarity about your life

Fee : SGD 420 (110 mins)

Private Reading Consultations

Shamanic Readings – ‘Throwing the Bones’

Daniel ‘throws the bones’ – a collection of symbolic objects and reads the pattern to gain insight into your life. This Shamanic method is excellent for reading the cycles of your life, it gives accurate timing for predictions & can be used to plan when to do something. By understanding more about what lies ahead, Daniel helps you make wise, healthy choices about your life.

Fee : SGD 230 (50 mins)

Soul Readings

This is an opportunity to hear messages that your soulmay have been trying to send you. It helps you gain more clarity about your life. Typically people gain a stronger sense of their soul’s identity and increased confidence the future. Daniel scans your body & your energy field & uses channelling & shamanic skills to facilitate this deepening connection between you & your soul.

Fee : SGD 230 (50 mins)

For private consultations:

Call Nat +65 93385167 
Email: pathways@daseti.com

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