Helen Forty

helen_fortyOriginally an architect, Helen re-trained as a therapist in her early thirties. She is a shamanic practitioner, hypnotherapist,BSc, C.Ht, CThA, MBIH, hands-on healer, relationship counselor, astrologer, tarot reader & channel.  Helen’s shamanic training is mainly based in the Hawaiian and ancient Egyptian traditions, although she is also influenced by Native America and ancient Europe. Her Hawaiian name is Makani Nui.

As a Healer she is particularly successful helping people heal emotional & relationship issues  She uses a method of Hawaiian hands-on healing when appropriate to support the physical body. When required Helen helps clients cut-away and let go of old negative energy, and increase their confidence and clarity. As a Reader she uses her natural psychic and channeling ability together with tools such as tarot & astrology.

Helen brings depth, compassion and humour to her teachings and private consultations. She is a co-founder of Crystal-Winds Teachings, which is a certified training program for shamanic practitioners. She has 23+ years experience.

For more on Helen & her work visit www.pathways4u.net


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