Helen’s Consultations

Private one to one consultations

Relationship & Emotional Healing

Relationship healing can include cutting away past hurts, manifesting a new relationship, enhancing an existing relationship. Emotional healing can include healing childhood trauma, increasing self confidence & all kinds of emotional issues. Helen uses hands-on healing, healing trance & shamanic skills to help you.

Helen helps people:

• Heal the past • Change negative patterns • Attract new relationships • Improve existing relationships • Heal emotional issues • Increase self confidence

Fee: 80-90 mins SGD 320

Shamanic & Tarot Reading

Helen explains the major life cycles relevant to you now and gives guidance for the future. Depending on your interest, she can focus on your spiritual path and your life purpose; or relationship, career and practical issues. She uses a combination of crystals, tarot and psychic insight for the reading. If you would like your astrological chart checked, please give birth date, birth time & place 48 hours in advance of the appointment.

Fee: 50-60 mins SGD 230

Ho’omana Hands-on Healing

Ho’omana means to make spiritual energy. Helen uses an ancient Hawaiian technique that floods the physical body with healing energy and is deeply relaxing. It revitalizes the physical body, reduces stress, and increases intuition. Some people may drift off to sleep!

Fee: 50-60 mins SGD 230

Healing with Crystal

Rest while Helen lays crystals on your body in a series of different layouts. This can be used to strengthen your soul connection, activate your chakras or increase your life force, depending on requirements.

Fee: 50-60 mins SGD 230

Psychic Tune Up

Helen helps you open up your psychic & spiritual channels. For example she may help you sense your Spirit Guides or deepen your psychic and spiritual awareness. She will adjust the session according  to your wishes.

Fee: 50-60 mins SGD 230

1)Psychic Tune-up + Healing with Crystals

2)Psychic Tune-up + Ho’omana Healing

Choice of option 1 or 2 Combined in 1 session Fee: 110-120 mins SGD 420


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