Self Ho’oponopono Healing & Hawaiian Shamanic Practices

What do you do when your heart wants one thing and your mind disagrees? Or your soul longs for something but you think it’s not practical? Do you ever criticise your physical body, or blame yourself harshly ? Self ho’oponopono is a process to create inner harmony, it helps you make decisions, be kinder to yourself and reduce stress.

When your head, heart, soul and body all agree you have more energy, better health, and more spiritual power. You can use the experience gained in this workshop for yourself and others. This workshop is inspired by shamanic wisdom from old Hawaii.

Topics include:

• ‘Bowl of Light’ to remove blocks

• ‘Bowl of Spirit’ to gain awareness

• Aligning your physical, emotional, mental & soul bodies

• Self-ho’oponopono: being in harmony with yourself

• Using stones & shells as symbols to gain insight

• Learn a Blessing chant

• Being a more powerful presence

• Creating an immortal Spirit Body (Light body)

Dates: 4th Sept, Monday & 5th Sept, Tuesday, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Fee: SGD 290**

Reserve a place and get the full address.
Contact: Nat +65 9338 5167 or Michelle +65 96254 862

**Take all 3 healing workshops for SGD 600. Discount of SGD 70.

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