It All Starts with Me

It All Starts with Me, Keys to a lasting relationship

fightNo matter how hard we try to avoid it, some of us always attract people into our lives whom we end up having toxic relationships with. Some of us have beautiful relationships with our partners in the beginning. Then, after awhile everything starts to break down and the relationship fizzles out. If there is a way to avoid these heartaches, would you want to find out? Would you like to understand your own personality and the personalities of the people who are currently in your life?

Our personalities are based on traits and character. Traits are what we are born with while our character is nurtured since birth. When you understand your personality and how you communicate, your relationship with others will improve.

In today’s talk, our speakers will take you on an astrological adventure in discovering your traits and how to understand the choices you made. This fun and humorous workshop is open to anyone who desire to learn more about themselves, attract the kind of people they want into their lives and improve their existing relationships. Tools to better manage your life and relationships will also be taught.

In this workshop you will learn about:relationships

  • The Sun Signs in Western Astrology
  • Astro love compatibility
  • Introduction to Birth Charts
  • The Five Language of Love
  • Verbal and non – verbal communication
  • The Psychology of Internal vs External
  • Tools to sustain long – term successful relationships
  • How certain behaviours affect long lasting relationships
  • Understanding Needs and how to fulfil them

All transformation begins within you. By understanding yourself, you hold the keys to a LASTING relationships.

Venue : 9 Penang Road #13-19 Park Mall
Date : Saturday, 11 June
Time : 2pm to 6pm
Fee : $28 per person
Speakers Details : Andy and Nathanael

Seats are limited , for Registration contact 93385167 or Fill-up applications here

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