Money, Money, Where Art Thou Money?

MoneyHeadMoney, Money, Where Art Thou Money?

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Money… …Is it an Illusion or Reality? By Kim Chen

All of us have limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that constraint us in some way and in doing so, reduces our full potential. Such beliefs can be with us since birth. They are instilled in us consciously or subconsciously by our parents who were influenced by their parents and so forth, through the generations. We like to coin this cycle as ‘our family DNA’. Limiting beliefs are ingrained in our genetic coding and we seldom realise that it inhibits our daily lives. When we do make the realisation, we may try to break out from this cycle on our own by changing the beliefs. Most times, we just eventually give up as it seemed like a mammoth task 

There are many limiting beliefs surrounding money. Have you heard of these statements regarding money? “Don’t go into business because you will fail!”, “Money is the root of all evil” or “People with lots of money are usually crooks!” Be it that these statements were said as well-meaning words or out of jealously, such words sink into our minds and subconsciously, we start to believe them too.

Realising that we have such an inclination, we can start by being aware of our limiting beliefs. Then slowly work on ourselves to counter these beliefs. In this talk, you will learn how to identify your limiting beliefs regarding money. Kim will guide you to look at your earliest memories about money and determine your subconscious feelings about it. She will then teach you how to change your situation and lead you on a guided meditation session. 

Money… … It’s a Number Game by Colin Choo

numbersWe are surrounded by numbers the moment we are born. Numbers play an undeniably huge part of our lives. At birth, we have a birth date, time of birth, identity card number. At school, we are given school student number, bus pass number, mobile phone number. We grow up and get married and have marriage certificate number, house number, vehicle number, etc.

If you delve deeper into the research on numbers, you will realise that all numbers have vibration and energy surrounding them. Each number has its own unique characteristic and the fact that we are created by God or the Universe; the numbers we are born with are part of our numerical DNA. Numbers hold one of the many clues that will give us an insight to decipher our life purposes 

So now that we know that numbers play a role in our lives, it is vital that we know how to make numbers work best for ourselves. We can then maximise the potential in numbers to better attract abundance into our lives easily and effortlessly. In this talk, you will have a basic understanding of numbers e.g. Master Number and Life Path Numbers. You will also learn what are your Hidden Number and the meaning of such numbers. Colin will teach you how to optimise your number to enhance your money luck and introduce the Seven Cycles of Money.


Colin Choo

Colin is a life coach with training in metaphysic. His areas of expertises are in Feng Shui, Bazi, Astrology, Chaldean and Pythagoras Numerology, Tarot Reading, Meditation and pendulum dowsing. What started as a mere hobby in metaphysical studies at a very young age, Colin is an avid student, practitioner and teacher.

He is one of the very few in Asia who is well-versed in both Eastern and Western schools of astrology. With more than 15 years in intense research and study into the various fields of metaphysical studies, Colin learnt numerous life-changing tools and personally experienced their impact on his life. His experiences have helped many people get through their obstacles in life. Through the years, Colin has used his skills to help people seeking abundance to be in a better position to receive wealth.

Colin is also an exceptional speaker and excellent teacher. He has the ability to breakdown complex metaphysical subject into simple concepts that is easily understood by his students of all ages.

Kim Chen 

Kim Chen is a life coach with training in Psychology of Vision, Numerology, Bazi and also in the mystical use of dowsing with pendulum. Using her unique gift as an empath, Kim uses her energy to build a safe environment to allow the client’s emotions to flow freely and support the process of healing.

Kim is a strong believer that the heart is the source of all emotional pain, anger and heartbreak. In a session with Kim, she will work hand-in-hand with the client to heal these heartbreaks so that the client has the power to create his or her own positive outlook in life. She will also teach the client to find the repeated patterns in their lives, relationships, work, health and family. Each time this is done, the client will come away realising why they have been ‘stuck’ all their lives and through Kim, learn to live through these patterns,

Kim is also trained in financial counselling where she helps clients change their spending habits. She is one of the volunteers who inculcate the correct concept of spending and saving in young children. 

Come join us in this fun session. You might just have an ‘AH HA’ moment about the money challenges you are facing right now. We will also be giving our vouchers for the first 10 sign up to have a free consultation with either Kim or Colin. The duration of each session is 45 minutes.

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