Andy Lim

Andy Lim

Andy Lim is an “Astro-Relationship Coach” – ARC for short. His passion is helping young people in navigating the perils of relationships with other people and themselves.

 Andy’s brand of philosophy is “Andinology”. As the name implies, ARC symbolised the way we look at relationships. He strongly believes that the way to have a meaningful romantic relationship is to understand, accept and love oneself. The capacity to love oneself is the key to allow love into our lives.

ARC is also represents flexibility in relationship. It means to compromise, accept the other person yet not losing oneself and grow into a strong and better person.

A stands for aware of each other’s needs.
R stands respecting each other’s differences; and
C means to always communicate to improve the relationship.

Andy is a self-taught astrologer. He researched extensively in last five year into astrology and its impact on people’s lives. Andy use astrology as a tool to guide his clients to understand themselves and coach them to build a fulfilling relationship with others.

Andy has helped many individuals to discover their latent potential and improve their relationships with their family members or partner. Some of his clients include Chief Executives, directors, business owners, celebrities etc.

His area of specialisation includes:

  •  Astrology chart analysis
  •  Birth Chart Interpretation (deciphering traits and tendencies)
  • Analyzing Relationship Profile and compatibility

Contact him at +6581255769

Email : andinology at daseti dot com

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