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“The SleepTalk® process is like brushing our teeth every night.

We would never ever not do it.

I have worked with many hundreds of families over the last 40 years and where the process is applied, there is always success. And my SleepTalk® practitioners who teach my process report exactly the same. It has quite simply changed the lives of thousands of families all over the world.

In my comprehensive book the Goulding SleepTalk® Process,

I show you:

  • the research that supports this process
  • the reasons why this process works so effectively
  • how you can change your family’s reality in just 2 minutes a night with 5 simple statements
  • what kinds of responses to expect
  • why it is important to be consistent

or one psychological consultation in most countries around the world, I would be happy to offer you the ebook which you can download immediately and start working with this evening.And for the investment of less than one session of therapy.

For more information on Goulding Sleeptalk click here :

The Goulding Process

In addition to that,

just so that you can get to absorb the lessons effectively – I will include an MP3 recording, detailing the background and the information to give you the tools to implement this amazing simple process. This MP3 is normally valued at $20.

And just in case you need further support,

When you confirm your purchase, I will also send you a link to a register of SleepTalk® practitioners all over the world, who you can consult if you need any support to carry through the process. This is a priceless resource of trusted colleagues who can support your family’s transition into healthy and happy relationships.

“The Goulding Process is a sensible practical and easy-to-follow method of communicating important messages to the subconscious mind. This process should be used by all parents, educators and health professionals and the practice adopted in the management of all disorders in which the mind plays a significant role”

Professor Ian E Brighthope: Fellow: Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

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