Our Vision

(pronounced dàr say ti) is derived from the Native American Cherokee language and it means “mirror”.

The mirror is a reflecting surface that forms an image of an object with the aid of light rays aiming the visual perception. A flat plane mirror reflects light without distorting the image. We are the self-reflections of the life we so choose.  How we perceive ourselves ultimately set the direction of how our life will be. Thus, with the concept of the mirror, DASETi was born.

DASETi is a common voice to reach out to people from all walks of life without boundaries so long as he/she is in need by means of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical support. DASETi is built on the Native American teachings of the Medicine Wheel. The Native Americans believed that Medicine Wheel practice is sacred. The belief is that because the Great Spirit created everything in nature to be round, the Sun, Sky, Earth and Moon are therefore, round. Thus, man should look upon the Medicine Wheel (circle of life) as sacred.  It is the symbol of all times throughout creation. The 4 directions in the Medicine Wheel have different purposes.

They are as follows:

East = Mental
South = Physical
West = Emotional
North = Spiritual

We are a band of life coaches, alternative therapist, metaphysical healers, in many different field of expertise with one purpose in our lives – coming together for the greater good of mankind.  It is at DASETi that we work with you for your personal development.

At DASETi, we want to create an environment for people all around the world to have personal development and breakthroughs. It is a voice for the people, by the people where people can receive inspiration and motivation through DailyInnerThoughts.

DASETi is also a place where you can seek one-to-one consultations with our therapists and coaches where they will work with you. You can also join them in their training workshops to learn, have fun and to bond with other like-minded people.

Resolve, Evolve and Take Off.

Nathanael Seers
Founder of DASETi

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