Staying Together, Secrets to a Happy Relationship.


This programme is inspired by Dr William Glasser’s book, Take Charge of Your Life. Dr Glasser’s desire is to teach the world Choice Theory. Once people have a need – satisfying alternative to external control way of life, they have the freedom to choose to take charge of their lives to have wonderful relationship with their partner. In this one day workshop, you will learn the basis of Choice Theory psychology and how this information will be beneficial in helping couples learn to maintain a happy relationship. This programme is a one day experiential – based workshop. It will be full of fun and interactivity and is open to anyone who desire to take charge of their relationship.

You will learn about:

Choice Theory psychology and its influence to your life

What you want in a relationship and how to get what you want

Relationships – the core to our mental wellness

Habits that destroy or embrace relationships

The power of perception – what do you really see in each other?

Behaviours of a relationship

The importance of understanding each other’s needs

90 days’ transformational relationship toolkit

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is specifically designed for people who want to change and make a difference in their own relationship with their partner. It is open to couples who are interested in having happier and more satisfying relationship as well as singles who are seeking a relationship.

About the Speaker
Nathanael Seers is the founder of DASETi. He speaks and teaches internationally and is featured in local magazines such as SHAPES, Simply Her Singapore and radio talk show on 93.8, A Slice of Life. Nathanael is a Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Certified practitioner with the William Glasser Institute. DASETi is Nathanael’s passion to help as many people as possible through different art of healing – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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Date: 28 Oct 2017 (Sat)

Time: 10am – 6pm

Investment: RM$500 per person/ RM$900 per pair

RSVP via Yennee (60162150819)

Venue: First floor No 18 Jalan Inang 4 Taman Paya Rumput Utama (Melaka, Malaysia)

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