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Best Hypnotherapy in Singapore - Since registering the domain in 2005, also we have been helping our clients and are grateful for all of the amazing individuals who have gained resolution during their time with us. With over a decade of experience and an abundance of happy clients, therefore; we are excited to share our success on hypnotherapy awards and features (Listed as follows. 


Listed Top Life Coach in Singapore

Life Overhaul! DASETi Hypnotherapy Service listed as Top Life Coaches To Hire In Singapore.  Read More

surely award

Listed Surely the Best in Singapore 2023

In our pursuit of happiness and inner peace, we often encounter challenges and uncertainties. If you’re currently feeling lost or overwhelmed, DASETi is here to offer guidance and support. Specializing in life coaching and emotional wellness programs, DASETi is dedicated to helping individuals rediscover their path and regain a sense of fulfillment. Read More

Listed 9 Trustworthy Hypnotherapy in Singapore 2023

Have you developed a bad habit? Do you want to give up smoking, binge eating, or another behavior that makes you more stressed? All of those issues may be solved with the use of hypnosis in Singapore. We are featured among the top 9 hypnotherapists in Singapore. Read More

Listed 11 Best Hypnotherapy Clinic in Singapore 2022

If you need guidance about a worrisome issue, visit DASETi. This hypnotherapy Singapore specializes in emotional wellness and life coaching programs to help you remain on track or get back on track. It features a team of certified hypnotherapists and life coaches ready to offer tailored solutions to any patients visiting them.  Read More

Listed 11 Best Hypnotherapy Clinic in Singapore 2022

Still, looking for a good hypnotherapy Singapore offers? We feature a team of certified hypnotherapists and life coaches ready to offer tailored solutions to any patients visiting them. DASETi’s team of expert hypnotherapists and life coaches are trained to listen to whatever issues clients are facing. Hence, these people are prepared to provide answers that will be suited to one’s demands, as well as emotional wellness counselling to help clients locate their way again. Read More

Listed Best hypnotherapy in Singapore

If you’ve ever thought about undergoing the best hypnotherapy in Singapore to overcome sleeping disorders, insomnia, depression, stress, and post-trauma anxiety, you’re not alone. DASETi is listed as one of the best hypnotherapy in Singapore. Opting for the best hypnotherapy in Singapore as a treatment might be unconventional, but it’s been seen multiple times that it can be effective. Even some medical doctors have sworn by the benefits. Read More

In conversation with Organic room

A light hearted conversation between Sharifah Fazzeleen (founder of The Organic Room) and Nathanael on IGLive session . Sometimes we take it all in too much that our bodies start to deteriorate. We begin to think that it is normal to be experiencing pain. Watch this video to get some quick and effective tips on how to detect and cope with stress before it\’s too late. Hope this will benefit you and your family. Listen to Interview

Interview on [Selfcare friday]

Learn techniques from different psycho-therapeutic modalities for your own wellbeing, the wellbeing of your family and the wellbeing of your staff. How to Improve Sleep Quality with Nathanael Seers (Positive psychology tips with Joy Leng)Sleep is a very important part of our life. How many of us actually have a good night’s sleep? Some do, some don’t. This conversation will give you an understanding of how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Also, you will learn tools that will be beneficial in helping you sleep better and wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed than before. Therefore, the exercise and process that you will learn can be practised immediately to help your sleep pattern improve. Watch Here!

Herworld Dec 2014

Featured on Herworld 2015

10 Questions To Guarantee Happiness If the year hasn’t been great for you, spend time reflecting on how you can make your life better in 2015.

featured article [tools to connect]

An interview on communication with Therasmart below is a short snippet. In fact, the year is 370 BC in the kingdom of Macedon, a young prince by the name of Aléxandros ho Mégas is on a journey of learning. Under the tutelage of Aristotle, he decides to travel and discover what the world holds beyond the continent that he is in. Hence, Alex with the blessing of Hermes embarks on his first maiden voyage out on the Aegean Sea. Read More

A Slice of life hour

Self-improvement radio talkshow hosted by Eugene Loh, from the series on 938LIVE (MediaCorp – Singapore) since 1998. Also, in this interview, Eugene will speak with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach, Nathanael Seers Ong, who shares about Choice Theory  – “My journey through choice and how it has transformed my life”. Watch the Interview here.