About Choice Card System

The Choice card system is a self-evaluation card game for individual and groups. Adapted from Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory, its purpose is to help anyone make Choice Theory an integral part of their lives through game play and evaluation. The card system can be used as a self-evaluation tool, group play, for teaching Choice Theory and even could be used in training and practicum sessions. The cards include information on AXIOM of Choice, seven Connecting and Disconnecting Habits, WDEP model and on the Brain Chart as taught by Dr Glasser.

Anyone can create your own self evaluation process by picking a card a day. The Choice Theory quotations and questions will help you evaluate your knowledge of Choice Theory. More importantly, it helps you reflect on how well you are practising Choice Theory in your daily life. At the crux of Choice Theory is internal control psychology where the belief is that we can really only control our own thoughts and behaviour. By giving the choice back to ourselves and using this card system as a way of self-reflection, you will be able to take charge of your own life and destiny.


This card system was also designed to reach out to many people. It can be played by two people to eight or more people in a game setting. After the cards have been distributed evenly to all in the game, each person takes their turn to place their card in the center. If it matches the colour on the top of the pile, participants will shout “CHOICE” and smack their hand on the center pile. The fastest participant gets to answer and share an experience related to the any card in the pile. Participants playing the cards will learn from their own personal experience as well as the experiences of the other players in the group.

The Choice card system is created by Nathanael Seers and below is how he created this card system: 


After learning the foundation of Choice Theory with Dr. William and Carleen Glasser, I continued the certification process to become a Choice Theory / Reality Therapy counsellor. The journey to integrate Choice Theory in my daily life has been pretty amazing. My relationships with my loved ones have changed for the better and I am now working towards creating a Choice centered family. During my certification, I created a card system for Choice Theory practitioners to use Choice Theory in their daily lives as well as to help other people. What started out as a certification project became a project that is closest to my heart. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my Choice Theory trainers – Gary Garnaut and Sister Elizabeth Tham; my supervisors – Linda Wan and Evelyn Koh and lastly, Dr William and Carleen Glasser who let me join the Basic Intensive Training in their home in 2012.


Product Details:

Publisher: [Singapore] :DASETi [2015]
Usual Price US$59.95 
55 cards (in hard plastic box) 
Size : 10 x 8 x 2 cm 
Weight 113 grams (4 Oz)


It is so amazing to see how much of the brain chart is found in this deck of cards. Very suitable as a teaching tools as well as practitioner’s self-evaluation.
Gary Garnet
Senior Faculty WGI
I utterly enjoy playing these cards during the practicum and it definitely brings one into a choice centred living.
Carleen Glasser
CEO William Glasser, Inc.