How to find help when my child is being bullied? 当我的孩子被霸凌时如何寻求帮助?

POWER OF 3 三人智 Episode 7

Cases of bullying have been increasing over the years. With the growth of social media, bullying appears to be more and more prevalent among young people. In 2017, Singapore was ranked 3rd in the world for the highest number of bullying cases.


多年来,霸凌的案件一直在增加。随着社交媒体的增长,霸凌事件在年轻人中似乎越来越普遍。 2017年,新加坡在霸凌案件数量上排名世界第三。


In this episode, Nathanael Seers 王鵬程 and Jiu Jian 玖健 will talk about the current situation of bullying in Singapore and around the world. They will discuss what to look out for when children are being bullied, the tell-tale signs and what are the options for them to seek help locally in Singapore. Both will encourage those who have been bullied to remain firm and take comfort that the present circumstance won’t last forever, for this too shall past.




Support available in Singapore Family Service Centres FSC Locator : CABCY : Singapore Armed Forces\’ (SAF) 24-hour counselling hotline at 1800-278-0022. Samaritans of Singapore Hotline 1800-221 4444


We also feature Angela Aki : Tegami (Haikei Jūgo no Kimi e)\” (手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~, \”Letter: Greetings to a 15 Year Old\” In 2009, Aki composed a piece called “Tegami” (Letter To My 15-Year Old Self) for the NHK All-Japan School Chorus Competition. When released as a single, “Tegami” remained on bestselling lists for 80 weeks. The lyrics of “Tegami” have also been incorporated into social studies textbooks in schools throughout Japan to encourage discussion of emotional psychology that could lead to bullying, depression or teen suicide.


2009年,Aki为NHK全日本学校合唱比赛创作了名为“ Tegami”(写给我15岁的自己)的作品。当“ Tegami”作为单曲发行时,它在畅销榜上保持了80周。 “ Tegami”的歌词也已被纳入日本各地学校的社会研究教科书中,以鼓励讨论可能导致欺凌,沮丧或青少年自杀的情绪心理学。


Aki has admitted that growing up in rural Japan proved very difficult, as she was bullied and she turned to the piano as an escape from the isolation she felt.



To view the song, click on this link – Song – 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン Artist – アンジェラ・アキ Album – 輝く人 Writer – Angela Aki Licensed to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (on behalf of (P)2010 Epic Records Japan Inc.); Sony ATV Publishing, NexTone Inc. (, SOLAR Music Rights Management, and 6 music right.

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