A woman seen stocking up on instant noodles and other items in Singapore on Feb 7, 2020. (Photo: CNA Reader)

Just before the start of the Chinese New Year festivities this year, Singapore saw a number of imported cases of Covid-19 into our country. As the days passed, the number of cases increased and we now have over 300 cases in Singapore. Over 150 countries have reported cases of Covid-19 and many lives have been lost to this virus. Overnight, our lives have changed drastically. Social distancing, telecommuting, teleconferencing, panic buying are the new buzz words and hot topic in everyone’s conversations. This is a situation that affects everyone – students, office workers, blue collared workers, business owners. No one really knows how the Covid-19 situation will turn out and when it will end. Times like these, it is hard not to worry, to feel fear and anxious and possibly anger too.

It is important especially during this period to be aware of how we react to this pandemic. Fear, worry, anxiety and anger are all negative emotions and the more we focus on it, the more it expands. Imagine for a moment that every negative emotion we carry is one grain of rice? If we have a negative emotion or thought every minute, within 24 hours, we will have 86,400 grains of rice which amounts to carrying a sack of rice or maybe more.

President Halimah Yacob said, “the strength of a people is seldom tested during good times but will be severely challenged when we face a crisis. How well we stand together, support each other and react to a situation define us as a people.”

It is exceptionally important during this period to be mindful of our mental state and take charge of our emotions. We know that people with the same energy will attract each other and this explains why more and more people succumb to being negative. If all of us make a concerted effort to keep our negative emotions in check, and remain calm and positive, we will come out of this pandemic with a stronger and healthier mind.

In Reality Therapy, we practise 7 positive habits – Listen, Encourage, Accept, Respect, Negotiate differences, Support and Trust. So, putting the 7 positive habits into the context of the Covid-19 situation, we can practise the following:

  1. Listen, really take the time and listen to one another
  2. Encourage each other
  3. Accept the situation
  4. Respect each other’s space with social distancing
  5. Negotiate for options if you are not getting what you want
  6. Support each other and lend a helping hand.
  7. Trust that the situation will pass


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During this period, I will work with people who want to use this time to work on themselves. I will use techniques from Reality Therapy, Life Coaching and Performance Coaching in my sessions. Reality therapy, developed by William Glasser, is a therapeutic approach that focuses on problem-solving and making better choices in order to achieve specific goals. Life Coaching and Performance Coaching focus on empowering others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives. Sessions at DASETi can be onsite or online to ensure that we practise social distancing.

In support of the current situation, we are offering pro bono coaching sessions of 20 hours, worth a total of $5,800 from now till June 1st or when the 20 hours is completed. We are also giving away a free copy of Inner Healing Audio. This audio track is a creative visualisation that guides your higher self to assist in healing and gaining inner peace.

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