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About The Founder of Daseti: Nathanael Seers Ong, Principal Hypnotherapist

Principal Hypnotherapist Nathanael Seers Ong

Hypnotherapy has gained popularity in recent years as a powerful tool for personal development and overcoming a wide range of issues.


Nathanael, the founder of DASETi, is a highly trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Certification Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists.


With his expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dream Therapy, personality profiling tools, and contextual Psychology, Nathanael has helped many individuals to resolve their mental and emotional issues and achieve their goals.

Nathanael Core Area: Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Nathanael’s core area of work is in hypnotherapy and life coaching, which is one-to-one coaching and therapy. He has helped clients with a variety of issues, including sleep issues, stuttering, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, phobias, anger management, weight management, trauma, stress management, stage fright, and more. His approach is personalized to each client’s unique needs and goals, helping them to overcome their challenges and gain control of their lives.


Nathanael’s expertise in hypnotherapy has led him to train many medical professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, coaches, and counselors, to become hypnotherapists themselves. He has also been invited to speak and teach internationally, and he has been featured in local and international interviews. In addition to his one-to-one coaching and therapy work, Nathanael has given talks to various organizations and corporations, including BRF Global, CWT Ltd, and Yokogawa Engineering Asia. His talks cover a range of topics related to personal development and overcoming challenges, and has received positive feedback from attendees.

Overcome your issues and achieve your goals with DASETi

If you are interested in breaking free from your challenges and gaining control of your life, Nathanael can help. His personalized approach to hypnotherapy and life coaching can help you to overcome your issues and achieve your goals. To get started, simply contact DASETi to schedule a consultation with Nathanael. With his expertise and support, you can achieve the life you deserve. 

About DASETi

DASETi a common voice to reach out to people from all walks of life without boundaries so long as the person in need by means of; mental, emotional, spiritual, physical support.


DASETi built on the native American teachings of the medicine wheel. the native americans believed that medicine wheel practice sacred.

Our Belief

The belief is that because the great spirit created everything in nature to be round; the sun, sky, earth and moon are therefore, round. thus, man should look upon the medicine wheel (circle of life) as sacred. It is the symbol of all times throughout creation. the four directions in the medicine wheel have different purposes. Therefore, east signifies mental, south signifies physical, west signifies emotional and north signifies spiritual.

An Environment for Everyone

We want to create an environment for people all around the world to have personal development and breakthroughs. A voice for the people, by the people where people can receive inspiration and motivation through #dailyinnerthoughts.


DASETi also a place where you can seek one-to-one consultations with our counsellors, therapists and coaches where they will work with you. Besides private consultations, you can join them in their training workshops to learn, have fun and bond with other like-minded people.

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