If you want Respect, respect yourself and others.

POWER OF 3 三人智 Episode 18

Respect yourself and others will respect you. ~ Confucius Do I accept the person as who he or she is, regardless of how different we both are?” We are not referring to difference in gender or culture or social status. It is something more intrinsic like personality, values, preferences. Only when we truly accept the other person for who they really are, we then are in a true relationship.




In this episode, Nathanael Seers 王鵬程 and Jiu Jian 玖健 will talk about the key to a true relationship is in acceptance. They will discuss acceptance in a relationship and self – acceptance which is crucial in our self – growth. 在本集中,Nathanael Seers王鹏程和Jiu Jian玖健将谈论建立真正关系的关键在于接受。他们将讨论在关系中的接纳和对我们自我成长至关重要的自我接纳。

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