You can do it!: How to have faith in difficult times. 您可以做到!:如何在困难时期充满信仰.

POWER OF 3 三人智 Episode 5

Faith according to Webster dictionary is a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. In this episode, we will discuss the concept of having faith and explore the “ Be, Do and Have “ concept. We will also delve into the principles behind the laws of attraction.




Whatever we tell our mind is vital to what we achieve in life. A look also into Jack Ma and how he achieves success and why it’s important to look beyond what we see. If the Wright brothers did not believe we can fly, we will never have air travel. The path to success in any challenges starts with believing in what we do not see.


无论我们说什么,对我们如何实现人生至关重要。此外,我们还了解了马云(Jack Ma)以及他如何取得成功,以及超越我们所看到的东西为什么很重要。如果莱特兄弟不相信我们会飞,我们将永远不会有空中旅行。在任何挑战中取得成功的道路都始于相信我们看不到的东西。

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