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• Deposit $1,000 can be paid during this application and full payment before course commencement date. • The investment amount covers entry to the event only. Travel, food & accommodation (if any) are not included. • For PAYNOW / STRIPE Credit card payment, an email invoice will be sent to the above designated email address • I acknowledge that I have not been diagnosed by a medical professional for any known psychological condition. • I understand this programme is meant as a means for personal self-help and if need be, I will seek professional or psychological assistance when needed. • I understand for the programme to be effective I would need to be engaged and practice the homework designated by the trainer.
I hereby acknowledge, having read understood and agreed to abide by the terms & conditions set out by “DASETi” and "DASETi Academy". I note that my purchase is only for the training held on the date and location stated in this order form and the sale will be considered as fulfilled even if I fail to attend it.
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Certification is not an automatic process. It requires an overall minimum grade based on class attendance, written assignments, and demonstration evaluation. Please contact us for more details on individual courses’ criteria. A minimum of 13 days of full attendance (9am-630pm) is required in order for you to be evaluated for certification. If you miss more than 2 days of class
Your investment absolutely risk free as it is protected by our limited Money Back Guarantee. At any time after your enrolment whereby you deem the course irrelevant or non-beneficial to you, you may request for a refund, less administrative fee of S$250, and/or bank charges if paying by credit card. All requests for refunds shall be submitted through filling up our refund form obtainable from DASETi.
All materials, concepts and information (“the Materials”) presented in connection with the program you are enrolling for in this form, either orally, in writing, pictures or in the form of training exercises, form the sole and exclusive property of DASETi, and that they are protected by applicable copyright, trademark laws. You agree not to reproduce, copy or otherwise duplicate the Materials or any part thereof without first obtaining the written consent of DASETi. You understand and acknowledge that the Materials are intended solely for use in this program and for no other purpose. You agree not to resell, modify, repackage or rename the Materials, or any part thereof. You also agree not to deliver the Materials, or any part thereof, or any material derived from the foregoing to any other party, whether or not for financial gain. In event of a refund, course manuals, starter kits and books received from DASETi during enrolment shall be returned to DASETi, along with all other Materials obtained during the course.
You declare and confirm that all the information provided is complete, true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and there is no undisclosed information. You will promptly inform DASETi of any change in any of the information provided. DASETi reserves the right to make the final admission decision based on the Course Registration Form, operational considerations and your psychological health condition. You understand that if the information provided is incomplete, untrue or incorrect, DASETi reserves the right to reject or withdraw the approval of your admission at any time.
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