Application Form

Indicate Dates above by (DD/MM/YYYY) or TBA if not listed.
• Deposit $1,000 can be paid during this application and full payment before course commencement date. • The investment amount covers entry to the event only. Travel, food & accommodation (if any) are not included. • For PAYNOW / STRIPE Credit card payment, an email invoice will be sent to the above designated email address • I acknowledge that I have not been diagnosed by a medical professional for any known psychological condition. • I understand this programme is meant as a means for personal self-help and if need be, I will seek professional or psychological assistance when needed. • I understand for the programme to be effective I would need to be engaged and practice the homework designated by the trainer.
I hereby acknowledge, having read understood and agreed to abide by the terms & conditions set out by “DASETi” and “DASETi Academy”. I note that my purchase is only for the training held on the date and location stated in this order form and the sale will be considered as fulfilled even if I fail to attend it.
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