How to survive as a SME during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

POWER OF 3 三人智 Episode 15


During this COVID-19 pandemic, many SMEs are facing challenges to stay afloat. Today, we have a special guest, Grace Tay 郑盈荧 from Geranium who will share with us how she and her team creatively go through the both phases of Circuit Breaker. And how through encouragement and positivity brought about change in the organisation.

在这次COVID-19大流行期间,许多中小型企业都面临着生存的挑战。今天,我们有一位来自Geranium的特别嘉宾Grace Tay郑盈荧,他将与我们分享她和她的团队如何创造性地经历断路器的两个阶段。以及如何通过鼓励和积极主动带来组织的变革。

Nathanael Seers 王鵬程 and Jiu Jian 玖健 will talk about their own personal experiences during this period and their own challenges. Nathanael Seers王鹏程和Jiu Jian玖健将谈论这段时期的个人经历和挑战。

Episode Highlights  

  • Introducing Grace Tay 郑盈荧 from Geranium
  • Connecting the dots on pass experience that mold a entrepreneur
  • The challenge of building a business and how it starts from parenting
  • How having a driven partner helps in your personal growth
  • Family means : Leave no one behind
  • Nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart and soul to it.
  • The Mung Bean project to connect the team.
  • Difficult roads will always lead to a beautiful destination Check out our blog at

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