The secret to human evolution is to understand kindness. 了解善良及其如何成为人类发展的关键。

POWER OF 3 三人智 Episode 3

Kindness is showing a friend a different perspective and helping him create a paradigm shift. Be kinder to yourself and let your kindness flood the world. In this episode, we will be discussing about kindness and how random acts of kindness had indirect help us become a better version of ourselves.






Power of 3 三人智 is a bilingual channel where Nathanael Seers 王鵬程 and Jiu Jian 玖健, with the audience, wilI share, laugh and talk about our lives and experiences, in the hope that you will learn and grow together with us. Do like and subscribe to this channel.





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[Pay it forward] Trailer licence from Warner Brother.

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