Top 5 Current Mental Health States in Singapore

Mental Health in Singapore

In recent years, mental health has taken center stage in global health discussions, with Singapore being no exception.


The pace of modern life, which is accompanied by social pressure and an equally risen number with intensification, recently helped by experiencing the pandemic, is not helping with the problems of mental health.


Public health data are alarming, but there is where help and healing are. Of the many promising ones, DASETi Hypnotherapy comes as an approach to mental wellness filled with hope.


This will be a blog about the top 5 current mental health states in Singapore and how DASETi Hypnotherapy can lend a hand.

Mental Health Matters

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in Singapore, affecting a large part of the population.


According to the study report of Singapore Mental Health, conducted in 2016, the disorder burden was estimated at 1.6% among Singaporeans for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).


Anxiety can shake off many different forms, such as constant worrying, panic attacks, or even social anxiety, and it can really shake your quality of life.


The knowledge of hypnotherapy at DASETi can be of valuable help to all those struggling with anxiety disorders by encouraging relaxation, changing the negative thought process, and responding to stressors in a calmer manner.


It works in a drug-free approach for controlling and managing anxiety troubles, giving the mind control and power.


Major Depressive Disorder is another of the common mental health condition prevalent in Singapore, whereby a lifetime prevalence of 5.8% was found by the Singapore Mental Health Study.


Despair and hopelessness of severe nature, combined with a pervasive lack of interest or pleasure in any activities, which hinders everyday functions, goes much beyond short-term feelings of despondency signifying depression.


DASETi Hypnotherapy leads to coverage of how the working of the subconscious mind where all negative thoughts and patterns reside.


We can help change these patterns by accessing this part of the mind, making space for a different way of thinking, helping the individual foster a more positive outlook and emotional resiliency.

It serves to break the cycle of depression within the family, enabling a way to recovery alongside traditional treatments.

OCD is a debilitating condition characterized by unwanted, intrusive thoughts (obsessions), and repetitive behaviors (compulsions). The Singapore Mental Health Study pointed out that OCD posed a lifetime prevalence of 3.0% among Singaporeans. It has potential for having a big negative impact, hampering one’s daily life as per usual.


The reason for obsessive thoughts and compulsions is mainly derived from heightened anxiety and stress levels, and therefore can be managed with the help of hypnotherapy.


This can be well managed with hypnotherapy, wherein the suggestion therapy, along with visualization techniques, would help the person control the thought process and ultimately lower the strength with which action happens.

The high demands in work and social pressures that characterize modern life in Singapore have brought about a surging influence of stress-related conditions.


Even though specific statistics on this condition are harder to come by; the fact that there is great consensus over it being the primary mental health concern that affects productivity and wellbeing can hardly be disputed.


Stress management falls among the many areas that hypnotherapy aids. In this regard, DASETi Hypnotherapy lends assistance by offering a way to reduce the physiological responses to stress through the induction of deep relaxation.


This empowers the person to deal with the situation proactively, thus supporting an increase in resilience and overall mental health.

Two less common, yet severe, mental conditions are anorexia and bulimia. Both have the core in complex psychological problems with a matter of body image, yet control issues are included in them.


On the other hand, DASETi Hypnotherapy may be added into the cases of an eating disorder as an adjunctive treatment useful in addressing the psychological underpinning associated with this condition.


It helps in reshaping unhealthy attitudes towards food and body image, thus producing healthy self-esteem and eating behaviors.

Tips to Manage Mental Health

Unwaveringly seek the assistance of a medical professional if you or someone you know is troubled by issues regarding health.

This is the need that involves activities like exercising, meditating, and taking walks in nature that will keep a person sane and healthy.

  Self Care

Family and friends are some of the best sources of support. Let them share this experience and feeling with you.Mental Wellness-You are not alone

Understanding your condition can empower you to take an active role in your treatment.

When looking into alternatives or complementary therapies, consider DASETi Hypnotherapy.

Overall Mental Wellbeing

Mental health is an integral part of overall wellbeing, deserving attention and care. With the rise in mental health conditions in Singapore, there is hope, a ray of treatment through innovative procedures like DASETi Hypnotherapy.


The fact has been established that reaching the subconscious mind, this is a very good channel of healing working complementarily for traditional therapies. Remember, if you are doing something in your power to seek help, it shows strength, and the right help will bring you your strength back.


In a nutshell, what we wish to convey, is not just information but inspiration to act towards the well-being of the mind.


An individual dealing with anxiety, depression, OCD, stress, or eating disorders may seek help and be assured of discovering hope in kicking off a new leaf toward a healthy mind.

Be Happy-Your choice

Contact DASETi Hypnotherapy to understand more. 

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