What are the signs of Self-harming and how do we support people who self harm? 自残的迹象是什么?我们如何支持自残者?

POWER OF 3 三人智 Episode 10

Self-harm is behaviour in which individual causes harm to themselves, usually as a way to help cope with difficult or distressing thoughts and feelings. Most of the time it comes in the form of cutting, burning or non-lethal overdoses. However, it can also be any behaviour that causes injury – no matter how minor, or high-risk behaviours. Basically, any action that causes pain or damage as a means of coping with challenging feelings can be seen as a form of self-harm.




In this episode, Nathanael Seers 王鵬程 and Jiu Jian 玖健 will talk about what is self-harming and understand the reasons why do people resort to self-harming. It is also important to spot the signs of a victim of self-harm so help can be assisted. Jiu Jian 玖健 will talk about his personal experiences and recovery. Nathanael 鵬程 will share more on the concepts of Choice Theory Psychology and why practising the Seven Connecting Habits is one of the first steps in helping the self-harm victim.


在本集中,Nathanael Seers王鹏程和 Jiu Jian玖健将谈论什么是自残,并了解人们为何选择自残的原因。发现自残受害者的体征也很重要,以便可以提供帮助。九健玖健将谈论他的个人经历和康复。纳塔奈尔(Nathanael鹏程)将分享更多关于选择理论心理学的概念,以及为什么实践七个联系习惯是帮助自残受害者的第一步。


Beyond the label campaign by NCSS Support available in Singapore Beyond the Label Campaign: https://www.ncss.gov.sg/Our-Initiatives/Beyond-the-Label

Family Service Centres https://bit.ly/2OeUhWv

FSC Locator: https://www.msf.gov.sg/dfcs/familyser…


Singapore Armed Forces\’ (SAF) 24-hour counselling hotline at 1800-278-0022.

Samaritans of Singapore Hotline 1800-221 4444

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