Birth is not the Beginning, Death is not the End

“Birth is not a beginning; death is not an end. There is existence without limitation; there is continuity without a starting point. Existence without limitation is space. Continuity without a starting point is time. There is birth, there is death, there is issuing forth, there is entering in. That through which one passes in and out without seeing its form that is the Portal of the Divine.” (Zhuang Zi)


There was once a small boy in search of solution to the issues in his life. Yet whomever he asked, he will always be hitting the wall. “How can I solve these problems?” he cries, “It’s too overwhelming!”


He began to ask a carpenter and the Carpenter says, “Ask me about woodcraft I can help you. Ask me about life, it’s beyond what I know. Try the Blacksmith; he might know the answer to what you seek?”And off the small boy went to approach the Blacksmith.


He asked the black smith, “What can I do in order for me to resolve my issue?” The Blacksmith looked up from his hammer. In a harsh voice, he said, “Lad, if I knew that I wouldn’t have become a blacksmith. I only know sword making. If that’s what you want? Try the Lawyer, since he is full of words that might help ya.” So the small boy went in search of the lawyer that might be able to give him solution to what he seeks.


As he pushed open the door of the lawyer’s office, he sees a young man in the 30s. Walking over he ask the gentlemen this question, “I heard from the Black smith that you have the answer to solving my issue in life.” The lawyer glanced up from his pile of cases, firmly said, “I might have but then I will have to charge you for the information. Alternatively you can try the mountain. Some say that there is a Guru there which might give you the answers you need. The journey to find him is a tough one. A river to cross, a rainforest to go through and finally a mountain to climb up. If you finally succeed, you might see a wise man up there, who knows?”


The boy thought to himself that there is no harm trying. After all, there is nothing that can help him here either. With that, the next morning he embarks on the journey in search of the truth. The river was rough and many leeches clung onto his flesh sucking his blood. Yet the journey must go on, for ahead he will be able to find the solution he needs. The forest is next with its thick brunches and many creatures. He knew he must push on, for the solution is within grasp. And finally the mountain, treacherous and full of traps. With each step he carries his body forward. Torn and tattered, his body is full of blister from the long and enduring journey. And with his last ounce of strength he carried his aching body up the mountain.


“YES!!! I have made it”, he said out loud.


And what stood before him is a group of people gathering around an old man. With pearl white beard hanging down to the waist, he was addressing the multitude. Having gone through so much to reach this forsaken place, the boy decided to test the wise man.


“Wise Old man, if you are what they say you are. Do answer this humble question” said the boy. In my hand I hold a bird. Is it dead or is it alive? The wise man looked at the boy, taken aback by the quick question.


While gazing at the crowd, he looked up at the boy and answered. “My lad, if I would to say that the bird is alive, you would crush it instantly with the closing of your palm. However if I would to say its dead, you would release your clasp and the bird will fly away. For the answer to what you seek lies in your Hands.


The soul decides on the life journey of learning. Thus, the answers to what we seek have always being in our hands. We are souls who transcend time again to relearn what we would have learnt. For if we do not learn from our past, history will repeat itself for us to learn all over again.


Remember: Run your life or someone will run it for you. For the answer to what you seek lies in your hand.

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