Secret to mental resilience and coping with stress during Covid-19.

First episode of POWER OF 3 三人智

This is the first episode of [POWER OF 3 三人智]  a bilingual channel where Nathanael Seers 王鵬程 and Jiu Jian 玖健, with the audience, will share, laugh and talk about our lives and experiences, in the hope that you will learn and grow together with us. This talk show focuses on sharing about life and your experiences or the audience’s experiences. Here we create a community of listeners to have more gratitude, kindness, compassion for others.


这是一个双语频道,Nathanael Seers王鹏程和Jiu Jian玖健将与观众们分享,欢笑和谈论我们的生活和经验,希望您能与我们一起学习和成长。这场脱口秀的重点是分享生活,您的经历或听众的经历。在这里,我们创建了一个听众社区,以对他人有更多的感谢,友善和同情。


For this pilot episode, Jiujian will share his motivations to start this channel – to his own life learning experience with everyone and to encourage this community to keep going during this stressful time. We will talk about the government’s messaging and mental resilience during this pandemic. We will about share tools on how to deal with the stress of this new normal in our lives.



Check out the edited live below.

Come join us every Sunday morning, at 10.30am on FBLive feed.

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